Our Mission:

We are anti-drug and pro-adrenaline. We believe life is a thousand times more exciting if you live drug-free. Our goal is to bust the myth that “drugs are cool,” and introduce people to a greater high through extreme sports.

Tragically, almost everyone knows at least one person who has been killed by drugs.  Directly or indirectly.  Yet instead of blaming the drug, people continue to drink the same alcohol and use the same drug that was the cause of their friend’s death.

If your friend (or the person who caused their death) had never touched drugs, would your friend still be alive today?

Imagine you knew a celebrity you could party with anytime, but he randomly killed people, including your friends.  Would you continue to party with that celebrity, or would you honor your friend’s life and stop spending time with a killer?

Or imagine there was a video game that was fun to play, but it murdered people by infecting them with a disease.  Would you continue to play that game, or would you warn your friends to not touch it and try to stop them from turning it on?

Those are easy questions.  Of course, you wouldn’t keep partying with a killer or playing the game of death.  But because the celebrity’s name is “Alcohol,” and the name of the game is “Drugs,” people think it’s different and they continue to party and play with the very thing that ended their friend’s life.

Most people (whether they admit it or not) think they are stronger than their friends.  They believe addiction won’t happen to them, and they think they can handle themselves while under the control of alcohol and drugs.  But that’s not the point.  Being stronger or not doesn’t negate the fact that DRUGS killed your friend!

The mission of FEARLESS is to motivate people to ditch drugs and start living life to the extreme, doing things that actually take talent and skill.  You will have more fun than you ever dreamed, and you will remember every second of it!

Don’t think it’s possible?  Try living FEARLESS for twelve months and watch how incredible your life becomes!

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This brand-new Yamaha YFZ450R could be yours!  Simply pledge to live a FEARLESS drug-free life and you will be entered for a chance to win this machine!

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While we encourage everyone to explore the world of extreme sports as an alternative to using drugs and alcohol, we are not making any explicit recommendation that you engage in any dangerous activity. It is up to you alone to decide to participate in a lifestyle that can cause great risk to your health and life. Extreme sports by their very nature are dangerous and can be life threatening! All of the images seen on this site were performed by professionals. Proper training and safety equipment is critical. Before attempting any extreme sport it is your responsibly to seek out the correct path in order to mitigate the risks to yourself and others. We are only providing information that may aid in the pursuit of extreme sports.

After each overdose or DUI, people are quick to blame everything and everyone. From the user who overdosed, to the doctor who prescribed the pills, to the dealer who sold the drug, to the driver who got behind the wheel, to the bartender who didn’t cut them off, to the bystander who didn’t take their keys, to the victim who died! However, nobody ever seems to blame the DRUGS that are the root cause of everything! Instead, people continue to use the same deadly drugs themselves.

Also, contrary to popular belief, prescription drugs are NOT medicine! Society has been conditioned to believe drugs and medicine are synonymous, when in fact they couldn’t be more different. Drugs take control of your mind and body away from YOU. Medicines (such as NARCAN) reverse this and restore control back to YOU (if you are still alive). Drugs are chemicals designed to override brain receptacles to produce a feeling. Medicines are solutions used for the treatment or prevention of disease.

Don’t fall victim to the advertising practices of the pharmaceutical companies. Their primary objective is to cultivate as many customers as possible all while ensuring a high retention rate. If you can get high on it, become addicted to it, or overdose on it, then it is a drug!

The FEARLESS definition: If it impairs your reflexes and mental functions, it is a drug (aka mind-altering substance).

Despite the facts, the drug and alcohol companies have done an amazing job of deceiving people into believing their products are safe and harmless. They have become experts at masking the true effects of drugs and blurring the lines of addiction. Worst of all, they hire actors and athletes as spokespersons to make alcohol and drugs seem cool. They promote their products by sponsoring popular sports, that ironically can’t be played if you are drunk or high or under the influence of drugs. They use gimmicks and slogans like “The Most Interesting Man in the World” to pump up the stigma of their brand. Likewise, alcohol doesn’t make you “wiser” nor does it give you the “high life” as some of the names try to suggest.

Just ask any alcoholic or addict how great their life is to see the real side of drugs and alcohol.

Nevertheless, because it is a trillion-dollar business, you can’t turn on the TV without seeing a commercial for alcohol or some drug. Go to a sold-out concert or watch any of the biggest Hollywood movies. Not only is drug use (both legal and illegal) glorified as “cool,” but people get doped into believing you can’t have fun without alcohol and drugs. That illusion is amplified with young people who idolize singers and celebrities for their money and fame. Yet what ends up being the destruction of nearly every actor or musician? Drugs and alcohol have cut short so many lives, and robbed humanity of so much potential, it is inconceivable! And we’re not talking about just famous people here.

There are only FOUR types of people in the world:

  • Those who have never used drugs
  • Those who have used drugs at some point in their past
  • Those who are still using drugs and
  • people who are now addicted to drugs


If you are one of the rare individuals who hasn’t yet consumed mind-altering substances, congratulations for being in total control of your body and having a brain that is still fully intact. You are either already living a FEARLESS life or you are at the crossroads now, choosing your future. We urge you to pick the FEARLESS road and stay drug-free. We guarantee it will be the best decision of your life!

For those who have used drugs at some point in their past, we implore you to remain drug-free and never fall back. Take the FEARLESS journey and help others escape from drugs. There are many reasons people begin using mind-altering substances. Peer pressure. Boredom. Experimentation. Pain. Injury. However, drugs are not the answer. With your acquired knowledge you can expose drugs for what they really are, and steer people to a FEARLESS lifestyle!

For those who are still using drugs, whether you claim to only be a social user or recreational user, now is the time to get drug-free while you still can. Start living the FEARLESS life and watch what happens. By abandoning mind-altering substances, you will never have to worry about being the cause of someone’s death, directly or indirectly, and you will save yourself from a lifetime of regrets. After you begin living the FEARLESS way, the example you set will save lives!

For the people who are currently addicted to a mind-altering substance, even with your brain rewired and enslaved to drugs, hope is not gone. As long as you’re still breathing you have a chance to change course and become FEARLESS. We know kicking your addiction seems impossible, and many have tried only to relapse, but we believe if you get hooked on extreme sports you will finally be able to become drug-free after you discover living FEARLESS is more fulfilling than anything else!

It won’t take you becoming a full-blown alcoholic or addict before someone else loses their life. Consider every person killed in a DUI because the driver used a mind-altering substance. How many lives would have been saved if that driver had never touched alcohol or drugs? The answer is, ALL of them! Every-single-one!

The most devastating fact about drugs and alcohol is, every death was preventable.

We can’t change the past, but we can shape the future! Your influence matters! Instead of playing with fire and hoping no one gets burnt (or killed), how about don’t light the match in the first place? Let’s stop partying with a killer and cease playing the death game altogether! Let’s purge drugs and alcohol from our lives and start living a FEARLESS life!

If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for the friend you lost to drugs. Honor that friend and be a role model to your remaining friends (and strangers) by living a drug-free life with extreme sports. It is a thousand times better than any drug!

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